When it comes to supporting customers, we believe our employees are our number one asset and they determine truly how well a project or installation can or will go.  It all starts with a great workplace environment. 

Our company culture here at Modern is founded on years of mutual trust and respect.   We believe when employees are happy, taken care of, and feel appreciated, they’ll not only be happy employees, but proud of where they work.  Employees who take pride in their work– do good work.  We have some of the best, most hard-working employees and we feel blessed to have such a good group.  Because our employees know how strongly we feel about customer satisfaction they don’t hesitate to quickly and effectively problem solve on behalf of a customer.   

When your facility needs maintenance, whether scheduled or an emergency arises, call or schedule with our Service Department.  Don’t risk losing valuable business from customers or have your operations interrupted by an outage.

  • Call the Modern Electrical Contracting, Inc. service department at (615) 256-3200; no contract needed, we provide invoices upon completion.
  • Our ability to support you comes with at least 20 technicians who are skilled in all of our verticals and solution lines.
  • We dispatch technicians daily throughout TN to support public and private school systems, local and federal buildings, distribution centers, churches, police departments, hotels, restaurants, industrial buildings, and other critical infrastructures.
  • We’ve built a solid reputation in the State of TN in Low Voltage Contracting, where we employ more than 20 diversely skilled technicians whose focus on customer excellence has earned us an abundance of repeat business.